Bedtime Stories N.1

The very first Noel Alejandro’s Bedtime Stories compilation

Brainchild of the Noel Alejandro project, Bedtime Stories is an ongoing series focused on the beauty of intimacy. Each new film combines one thought-provoking opening and the usual sophisticated filmography to create stories that are new, intimately inspiring, and visually appealing.

Asphyxia // Obituary
After Cherries // Dear Father
Blissing Deal // Minha Luta (I Miss You)

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  1. Montoro14 (verified owner)

    I tried purchasing your Bedtime Stories collection but I keep getting an error when I try to pay. Can you assist?

    • noelalejandro (verified owner)

      Sure, when problems you can send me an email and I will gladly send you a Paypal Link 🙂

  2. Dhavi Montonchaikul (verified owner)

    i want to buy this as a gift for a friend. your website is not giving me option to buy again.

    • noelalejandro (verified owner)

      Hi Dhavi, I’ll take note for next updates on the website 🙂

  3. AdminBear (verified owner)

    I bought the first three Bedtime Stories and then you released “After Cherries”. Do I need to repurchase everything to get this one part?


    • noelalejandro (verified owner)

      Hi! You only need to buy the new release on the film product page

  4. Franky

    Bonjour M. Noelalejandro,
    Vos films sont tres bons et très beaux a regarder visuellement. Oh les comédiens sont très beaux et virils wow.
    Vous serait-il possible de faire des films d’une durée de plus de vingt minutes S.V.P. Genre 60-70 minutes avec plus d’érotisme. Voila c’est ma demande !!! Merci a l’avance de votre réponse positive.

  5. Robert Fitzpatrick

    1. I watched some of your films via HereTV and Menflix. They no longer seem available. Why
    2. When I signed up on you mailing list I was offered a free film. But nothing happened.
    3. I bought one of your films from this site in the past but it did not download properly but got no help in solving the problem or an offer for a different film

    I love your work but I am frustrated
    Thanks for your help.

    • noelalejandro (verified owner)

      Hi robert. I have a deal with them for one year broadcast, so if they decided to stop must be for some reason beyond their will. Regarding the film for free, it probably went to spam.
      Please, send me an email with the email address you use to purchase, cause I can’t find any with this one.

  6. Raul Martin

    Is there any deal or offer if I buy the Bedtimes stories collection and all the rest?

    Can you please send me paypal link?

    • noelalejandro (verified owner)

      Hi Raul, yes, I’ve sent you a paypal link 🙂

  7. jn

    hey! could you please send me a PayPal link? xx

  8. Argenis

    Hola , buenos días ! Por favor , podrías enviarme un enlace de PayPal . Gracias .

    • noelalejandro (verified owner)

      claro! Enviado 🙂

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