Minha Luta

When the night comes and there’s only dark, we can hear the heart speaking louder than words. Alone in his bed and immersed in the absence of his lover, a man speaks to no one, begging for another night together. He surrenders to a nocturnal delirium which will fill his room and his head, and which he is willing to live it fully – at least until the morning rises.

Bedtime Stories – The Series

Brainchild of the Noel Alejandro project, Bedtime Stories is an ongoing series of ten to 20 minutes long episodes focused on the beauty of intimacy. Each new film combines one thought-provoking opening and the usual sophisticated filmography to create stories that are new, intimately inspiring, and visually appealing.

I miss you / Minha luta is a heartbreak film and was filmed and edited in Berlin. Directed by Noel Alejandro. 

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  1. Matthew Richardson (verified owner)

    Loved this film my only criticism is it’s very dark, could have done with some more lighting. I did however think it was fantastic.

  2. RON SY

    i keep getting declined by epoch. tried using cc and paypal etc etc all rejected

    • noelalejandro

      while I investigate why your card is being rejected I’ll send you a safe Paypal link 🙂

  3. Marcel

    hello noel,

    i purchased mostly all of your previous work without any problems. but somehow paypal doesn’t work on epoch for this purchase.
    is there another possiblity to pay besides a credit card?

    best regards x

    • noelalejandro

      I’ve sent you a link 😉

  4. HS

    Hi there.
    I love your previous films and purchased them all. However, I have a couple of questions about Bedtime Stories:
    *how many films will there be? I wanted to purchase them all at once.
    *are the subtitles not engraved? I want to burn the whole series to DVD but I might run into troubles with the subtitles if they are only included as a file.
    Thanks and keep up the great work (Under The Rain introduced me to your work and I think it’s your best one yet).

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Minha Luta: Dear Noel,
    The blue lighting worked for Ghost.
    Superb and so were the performers!
    But the greyish light does not work here.
    Being a big fan i hope you understand.
    Love, willem.

  6. Jian-Min Hao (verified owner)

    I can’t download the film after I paid, what happen?

    • noelalejandro

      Hi Jean, you bought it as a Guest so you should have an email with the download link.

  7. Anthony

    Unable to place order for current film?

    • noelalejandro

      Hi there. Your card was probably rejected due unknown reasons. I’ll offer you an alternative Paypal link by email 😉

  8. Hendryk de Dissowe (verified owner)

    Nice, just another nice movie from you and I am looking forward to the sequel! A great work of the actors, the director and the crew. Thanks!
    But some criticism: The film is really a bit too dark.

  9. anonymous

    Please send all of your movies and where do I send America dollars to get them.

    • noelalejandro

      Hi, you can start a normal purchase and the euros will get transformed into USD automatically before the transaction is confirmed.

  10. Now Voyager (verified owner)

    I’m sorry, I’ve tried another player than windows media player – but still no subtitles. And yes, just like Didago mentioned, the video is very dark, some scenes are even hardly to recognize. Pity on that.

    • noelalejandro

      Try VLC player and also to turn up the brightness of your screen. It will help 🙂

  11. Didago (verified owner)

    Bonjour Noël
    Deux beaux mecs, deux beaux corps, deux belles éjaculations!C’est dommage que la vidéo soit si sombre, comme “Under the Rain”, malgré des réglages. Comme Now Voyager pas de sous-titres. J’utilise le lecteur windows média lecteur Mp4.

    • noelalejandro

      Hi! Please try VLC player instead 🙂

  12. Now Voyager (verified owner)

    There are no subtitles available after the download. The same with “Serodiscordantes”. What do I have to do to get the subtitles ????

    • noelalejandro

      Hi! Subtitles are encapsulated within the file and can be selected easily. Please, try a different video player.

  13. Stephen

    Haven’t seen it yet but it looks to be as superb as Noel’s previous movies. Breathtakingly intimate and beautiful.

  14. cristian canales (verified owner)

    i loved it, i just want to say how great these films are, i’m a big fan of alejandro’s

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