Noel Alejandro is an independent filmmaker and alternative adult films director whose work explores gay pornography as a tool to question society’s old standards. His films go beyond the explicit, being set to live in a blend between cinema and erotica.

Noel’s force strives for a more sensitive way of scriptwriting, setting up each story in order to continuously push pre-settled boundaries of filmmaking.

His films aim to portray the human intimacy behind feelings and pleasure through simple, cinematic and natural scenes, a style that would become Noel’s trademark.

Born in Barcelona and currently part-time based in Berlin and Barcelona, Noel produces his films in different European cities. His work has been featured in publications including;

Metal Magazine, i-D Magazine, Kaltblut, Pornceptual, Vangardist, Pineapple, Toh! Magazine, Le Tag Parfait, and many others.