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Chris (Rion) meets Benjamin (Bright) online, and the two discuss the latter’s interest in erotic asphyxiation. Intrigued, Chris invites the attractive stranger to his house to explore the practice, resulting in a ferocious encounter that will leave both men gasping for more.

Bedtime Stories – The Series

Noel Alejandro’s latest project, Bedtime Stories, is an ongoing series focused on the beauty of intimacy. Each new film combines one thought-provoking opening with the usually sophisticated filmography to create unique, intimately inspiring, and visually appealing stories.

The last breath is the closest to you.
Asphyxia was filmed and edited in Berlin. Directed by Noel Alejandro.

Read my thoughts on Asphyxia, the motivations
behind the story and its characters on my blog.

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  • Director: Noel Alejandro
  • Cast: Isaak Rion & Rufus Bright
  • Year: 2021
  • Length: 21 minutes
  • Language: English with subtitles in SP, DE, FR, PT and EN.
  1. Clive (Cj) (verified owner)

    I am disappointed by some of the negative comments expressed about the actors in this, and possibly previous, film(s) by Noel. Their very appearance adds truth to the subject matter and one really feels they are ‘the boy next door’! The fact that some have appeared in other commercial porn films is not a problem and shows that they enjoy their work and are happy to be exhibitionists in the sexual context. This is to be admired as it can reduce the stigma usually associated with porn. Society in general would be much better with the greater acceptance of differences.

  2. GayBelgium (verified owner)

    @CC I found the two actors also very great!

  3. GayBelgium (verified owner)

    I thought a little about buying this film. The trailer was unfortunately not very convincing. But the film was much better. Not everyone will like it. Those who like this game, and I count myself among them, will find this film very stimulating. The “criticism” of the actors I can not understand at all. If you want Belami-, SeanCody-, Lucas-models or the like, you’re not necessarily in the right place with Noel. Personally, I prefer the normal guy next door.

  4. causeitspossible (verified owner)

    Fascinating ?

  5. CC (verified owner)

    The raw chemistry, intensity, and passion between these two actors are incredible. It didn’t feel contrived at all, and I think a lot of people can relate to the motivations behind this story. I roll my eyes nowadays with gay porn actors who “rest on pretty” and provide little to no effort in their performance, so I highly respect and commend Noel’s direction and casting. I will take chemistry over “pretty” any day. And by the way, I do find Rion and Bright attractive.


    ASFIXIA: Me parece muy peligroso estimular en las mentes este tipo de actividad, de la que algunos no han regresado. En lo personal tampoco me ocasiona estímulo

  7. carlosfaitdudesign

    While I’m all for free expression in this minefield called The Comments Section, I don’t think calling actors “unattractive” or reducing them to mere pleasure objects is constructive or kind. It’s hard enough being gay in this world without such negativity and animosity. Let’s not forget that these are human beings with feelings, and that the nature of their occupation does not make them less worthy of respect.

  8. Clive (Cj) (verified owner)

    So pleased that balchandra and Anthony shared my feelings about this film. Sexual arousal has many starting points and this film demonstrates just one. Being taken to the brink and then back can be so invigorating when undertaken with a loving partner. For me a similar feeling arises during tantric sessions and the results can be so explosive!

  9. HS

    Sadly I have to agree with Adrian Sandeson.

    I loved almost all the films in the 14 films batch, but what has been released since does not look very interesting. I don´t want supermodel guys by any means, but I do think they should at least be somewhat attractive. And the trailer for this latest feature made me loose interest even more. Terrible and very unsexy subject matter, to say the least.

    I will keep an eye out for future trailers and I will purchase some more films if I like what I see. Erotic, explict films with a storyline and somewhat attractive guys is what is desperately needed today. Sadly that is not what is being delivered here at the moment. I hope it will change though, this director´s previous work was mostly excellent (especially Under The Rain).

  10. Anthony (verified owner)

    Asphyxia was truly a masterpiece. So often kink is viewed as abusive or harmful or terrifying. And that there is a violence and a cruelty and a self-hatred present. Asphyxia shows what happens when kink is treated with respect and passion and celebration. I sat and watched this gorgeous film with feelings that I cannot begin to describe. Noel continues to celebrate queerness in all of its delights and beauty. So often gay sex is portrayed in a very heterosexual way, and is often devoid of touch and sensuality. This film is a celebration of touch, of boundary, of trust, and of queerness in a way that is purely celebratory. The tenderness and care that Rufus Bright shows to Isaak Rion honestly took my breath away, as I cannot remember the last time I saw an interaction as respectful and healing as this. And the way that the asphyxiation is portrayed is not only highly erotic and sensational, but is equally loving and full of care and consideration. Every minute is gorgeous, and I applaud everyone involved in the creation of this work of art!

  11. Adrian Sandeson (verified owner)

    Against my better judgement I have decided to give this film a try and purchased it. Sadly, my first intuition was not wrong. Apart from the fact that I am simply not attracted to ‘alternative’ looking actors (as used often by Noel of recent). I have found this feature disturbing. I am really asking myself why people (gay or straight) go through this. It’s disturbing to me, and counter productive. I don’t see the pleasure in nearly dying during sex. It has no appeal to me. What happened to good old fashion passionate sex with good looking, yet interesting, guys? Has Noel lost interest in simply creating very well crafted short movies with really sexy guys, a bit of a story laid into the mix, and great cinematography? I am sorry to admit, that this (extremely) talented director is going backwards with every film that he creates of recent. I will not lie: I am disappointed.

    The only merritt of this film is that the actors did not seem to have any tattoos. I hope that the tattoos fashion will be out of the window with gays; it also seems that beautiful hair is coming back! whether curly or long, maybe it’s time to leave crew cut hair behind as well. Bring back the good looking guys, please!! 🙂

    To Noel: I want to continue supporting your work. We do not have enough good directors in the gay cinematography world. Basically what I am saying is: we need you. Now more than ever. Experimenting is nice, but when it becomes the main direction, it loses it’s appeal. The actors you are using can be found in regular porn. I hope you will take these notes in the positive spirit which they were intended. I have no desire but to give you my honest, constructive point of view.

    Thank you again, and looking forward to your next feature!

  12. Bhalchandra

    Beautifully presented

  13. Clive (Cj) (verified owner)

    Before watching this beautiful film do read Noel’s motivation comments!! It puts so many of the film’s themes into context. During this period of Covid restrictions the ability to explore ourselves has been severely tested! Despite ‘lockdowns’ I have met, after discussion and by mutual agreement, my casual sex partners several times and we have managed to live sexually! This film demonstrates the feelings experienced! That loving and exploration is so well shown here by exquisite camerawork and the actors wonderful performances. Do buy and watch this film!

  14. Clive (Cj)

    Another subject matter that could be disturbing so it will be interesting to see how Noel deals with this idea. Might be difficult to watch (despite the great actors involved!) but will probably give great insight! Thanks again for making us, your viewers, challenge our preconceptions.

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