Chris (Rion) meets Benjamin (Bright) online, and the two discuss the latter’s interest in erotic asphyxiation. Intrigued, Chris invites the attractive stranger to his house to explore the practice, resulting in a ferocious encounter that will leave both men gasping for more.

Bedtime Stories – The Series

Noel Alejandro’s latest project, Bedtime Stories, is an ongoing series focused on the beauty of intimacy. Each new film combines one thought-provoking opening with the usually sophisticated filmography to create unique, intimately inspiring, and visually appealing stories.

The last breath is the closest to you.
Asphyxia was filmed and edited in Berlin. Directed by Noel Alejandro.

Read my thoughts on Asphyxia, the motivations behind the story and its characters on my blog.

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  • Director: Noel Alejandro
  • Cast: Isaak Rion & Rufus Bright
  • Year: 2021
  • Length: 21 minutes
  • Language: English with subtitles in SP, DE, FR, PT and EN.
  1. Clive (Cj)

    Another subject matter that could be disturbing so it will be interesting to see how Noel deals with this idea. Might be difficult to watch (despite the great actors involved!) but will probably give great insight! Thanks again for making us, your viewers, challenge our preconceptions.

  2. Clive (Cj) (verified owner)

    Before watching this beautiful film do read Noel’s motivation comments!! It puts so many of the film’s themes into context. During this period of Covid restrictions the ability to explore ourselves has been severely tested! Despite ‘lockdowns’ I have met, after discussion and by mutual agreement, my casual sex partners several times and we have managed to live sexually! This film demonstrates the feelings experienced! That loving and exploration is so well shown here by exquisite camerawork and the actors wonderful performances. Do buy and watch this film!

  3. Bhalchandra

    Beautifully presented

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