After Cherries


Daniel wants people to wake up. Clement wants to sleep alone under the stars. The world is a battlefield where logic and fear fight viciously for control. Weary of it, two men build their own hallucinogenic cosmos where they can play and exist – where only their bodies make the rules, and the mind is set free by pleasure.

Bedtime Stories – The Series

Brainchild of the Noel Alejandro project, Bedtime Stories is an ongoing series focused on the beauty of intimacy. Each new film combines one thought-provoking opening and the usual sophisticated filmography to create stories that are new, intimately inspiring, and visually appealing.

After Cherries was filmed and edited in Berlin. Directed by Noel Alejandro.

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  • Director: Noel Alejandro
  • Cast: Shay Noir & Sultan of Filth
  • Year: 2020
  • Length: 14 minutes
  • Language: Audio: English / SELECTABLE Subtitles: english, german, spanish, portuguese (PT) & french.
  1. Hendrik (verified owner)

    There he is again: A beautiful “Noel Alejandro”
    Thanks for this very erotic film!

  2. Clive (Cj) (verified owner)

    Yet another brilliant film! Wonderfully filmed and edited. The emotions and erotic nature here is so realistic and reflects so much my own experiences when participating in tantric sex! That sheer feeling of lust and pleasure is so well shown and plausible. PLEASE keep working on this series: they are a true delight!

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