Yann André

Yann is a dear friend, and one of my best work partners. His orgasm face is an extasis in itself; and that’s just one of the reasons why I’m so lucky to be the only erotic director to count on Yann for explicit performances.

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  1. Jasim Max

    I appreciate your work. I would like to work with you.

  2. Don Komro

    I agree with Jim Isaiah! I have both of Yann’s films and many of Noel’s. In Trivial, the guys are not just having sex, they are making love! It is an artistic achievement!Thanks Noel, you and your performers make wonderful films. I want them all! Keep up the fine work of love! Don in Minneapolis, MN, USA

  3. Jim Isaiah

    I saw Yann Andre in “Trivial” and that film was everything but trivial! Yann was masculine, honest, sexy, sensual, and added so much energy to the scene. All three men were great. I felt that I was watching three real men actually have a real sexual encounter that they had not planned on but enjoyed to the fullest. This film was great art.

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