Flat hunting can become quite an experience when the house of your dreams is inhabited by two terribly seducing human beings. Trivial is a about a music student (Valentin) who goes visit a flat to rent one of its rooms, and is welcomed by Renault (Yann André) and Pierre (Gaspard), who are roomate with benefits. Things start to spice up when the house’s cat bites his hand, and while one of the hosts goes get a tissue from the kitchen the room is taken by a powerful sexual tension – from which no one will escape untouched. Trivial is Noel Alejandro’s eigth production, and his first threesome film. Shot in a beautiful natural light (which has become Noel’s trademark), Trivia is a smooth, uncomplicated film that will fill your eyes with the most erotic and inspiring sensations.

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  1. Luc Valgaeren

    dear noel, i saw yet many of your films. i’m really touched by the serenity the way you are setting in scene the different aspects and themes of the live of gaymen and how they are confronting their lifes.thank you very much. even the way you make the films as such, for instance the imortance of dark and light, is really very special and typical for you, I mean, isn’t it? PS: can I pay in EURO’s just by a bank-remittance and on wich number and name shall I do it?

  2. mmmmpppp

    This is a very nice movie.I want to see it,but don’t know how to enjoy.

  3. mmmmpppp

    This is a very nice movie.I like it.

  4. Adrian Sandeson

    Great film

  5. Ken Brown

    Will it be available to watch on Vimeo? I am from the USA so I have been using Vimeo to order.

    • noelalejandro

      VIMEO apparently doesn’t support explicit movies, as I’ve been kicked off several times. Had to stop insisting. My movies are always available to download through my website.

  6. paul

    A nice and sensual movie with a tension rising to the end, i love it. Funnily enough, i realise that I live next door to the house where the film was shot. If only i had known 🙂 We sd put a blue plaque on the façade 🙂

  7. drt

    so good

  8. GandalfGraurock

    The intoxication of the bodies giving themselves to each other in different variations, flowing from climax to climax in never-ending passion. A threesome that becomes a unity in perfect harmony.

  9. Hendryk de Dissowe (verified owner)

    Hello, Noel. Another beautiful movie. Hot guys and great scenes. Thanks for this movie too. I’ll be glad when I have the whole collection.

  10. Don

    I love to see a sexy dad and his son loving each other pls.

  11. Likhit

    Love this threesome, so intense and hot.

  12. LeVoyeur (verified owner)

    Hellooo! I’ve bought and watched the movie. It is very well done and very erotic. Great art! Ciao from Italy!

  13. LeVoyeur

    Bonjour! I’ve recenty discovered your art and I am very interested and fascinated. I have one question, once I buy one of your films…can I download it and store it on my laptop or I always have to watch it online on the website? 🙂

    • noelalejandro

      Hi there! the films need to be downloaded, so you can watch them with Quicktime (recommended) player or VLC

  14. djeetee

    this movie is the best i have ever watched. period.

  15. Paco


  16. niftyguy

    This is so wonderful, beautifully captured sex between men.

  17. jadar

    Trivial is a superb movie, congratulations !

  18. Luwis

    Can i watch the films with the sububtitles?

    • noelalejandro

      Soon they will be available 🙂

  19. Stephane

    Hi, which model is the beautiful thin man with the tattoos on his arms? I’d love to see him in more films!

    • noelalejandro

      As you wish! 😉

  20. Michael

    I paid for Trivial at the site that I was directed to. Now how do I access the download for the film?

    • noelalejandro

      Have you checked your Spam folder?

  21. Gustavo Osorio

    Hola, compre las películas pero tuve que reiniciar el computador por un daño. ¿Que debo hacer para descargarlas de nuevo?

    • noelalejandro

      Hola Gustavo! Debes reenviarme el recibo de compra y entonces te la puedo reenviar. Un saludo.

  22. Sadat

    Noel man…. you have brought sensuality and excitement & seduction back to erotic film making. The way you tell the stories & the guys put it in motion. It’s truly arousing and appreciated by someone who is getting bored with porn. I Thank you for creative mind. I just found you this week & I’ll follow forevermore!!!! Can’t wait for the next film. Will you do a full length feature in the future?

    • noelalejandro

      Thanks a lot Sadat! for now there are no plans to make a feature film. I love the shor-tfilm format! Hope you enjoy them all! 🙂

  23. Clement

    your movie are so beautiful very interessed to get contact with you

    thanks for making porn great again


  24. Surachai

    I think you should sale behind the scene too because I want to know how do work for all great films.

    • noelalejandro

      I will really think about it

  25. Didier

    How may I look at a video for which I paid?

    • noelalejandro

      Hi, Did you check your Spam folder?

  26. Fabrizio

    Será seguro precioso, como todos hasta ahora

  27. Bane

    Beautifully shot work as ever, will be great to see how you deal with shooting a threeway scene. There appears to be an issue with the download though as it cancels out around 2/3 of the way through?

  28. Christian

    Hi Noel,
    what a great new release, I’ve just watched the new movie and it makes me horny.
    It’s such a pleasure to see the three guys have fun with each other and their faces when they exploded.
    I love all your films and for me this one is one of the best.

    Lovely greetings

  29. Stefaan en Marc

    We Enjoy Every minute. Very Nice! Well done! Greetings from Belgium

  30. Christian

    When clicking on “buy now” there comes a secure page to fill in the details of the credit card though there is written it is valid for 365 days and not automatically renewed. .. why is this and what does it mean?

    • noelalejandro

      Hi, it is a suscriber payment gateway but it’s set as it you will get charged once uniquely. I have not member area but if i had it you would be able to access to it for 365 days.

  31. David

    Something is wrong with your CC processor. I’ve tried 3 cards, they’ve all been declined. Shame, I was looking forward to buying your latest video.

    • noelalejandro

      Sorry for that. The payment gateway declines some cards for safety reasons but I’m working to fix this. You can send me an email [email protected] with the films you want to buy and I’ll instantly send you a Paypal request. Once the payment is completed you will receive an email with the downloadable urls.

  32. Uthen776

    Downloading!!! Sooo excited. thanks for your beautiful films Noel.. you have a big big fan in Portugal

  33. Jay

    Hi. I already purchased it since the preorder period. Now that it’s been released I can’t watch it because you don’t have a log in section. And no links sent to my email. What should I do?

    • noelalejandro

      Hi Jay, I’m sending right now to all the pre-order purchasers. You’ll have the film in your mail in one minute 🙂 enjoy it!!

  34. Kazanova

    Which time exactly it will be available!? In barcelona time!? Coz I need to fix my schedule to watch ur awesomeness

    • noelalejandro

      Hi! Tomorrow from 11hours morning Barcelona time the film will be available 🙂

  35. Carlos

    Hello!! I’m trying to buy the new video but I can’t.. The purchase it’s been declined!! Is there any other option to buy the new video?? Thank you so much!!

    • noelalejandro

      Sure, if your card is declined you need to send an email to [email protected] with the name of the film you want to buy, you will receive a Paypal request and once the payment is done you will be part of the orderers list. thanks!

  36. Stefanos

    can’t wait!! 🙂

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