The seed

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Longing to escape from the madness of urban life, Gaspar takes the trail for a quick dip in the lake. Heading to the city park, he is just another guy entering the “woody oasis where sex is a matter of nature” – as locals would call it. His search ends when he sees Sebastian emerging from the water. With a vagabond attitude and a provocative Danish accent, he is the one to show Gaspar how a simple thought can grow like a seed and become a desire. Starring Yann André and Vic Valentine. THE SEED was filmed and edited in Berlin. Directed by Noel Alejandro.

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  1. pedro.mda (verified owner)

    No puedo descargar el film. Y no está en mis compras 🙁

    • Noel Alejandro

      Hola. La película se había comprado en modo Guest, pero ya ha sido añadida a tu cuenta. Disfruta 😉

  2. ahs

    I’ve watched all your work and I am a huge fan. I think this is the absolute best one, both the sex and the storyline! Especially the cumshot at the end is incredible to watch.

  3. eliran.mashiach

    Hi, Trying to download films, and every time I get a “page not found” error after clicking “purchase”… What should I do?

    • noelalejandro

      Hi, once you have purchased a film you should be able to Download.Can you send me by email the error?

  4. tobias.b (verified owner)

    Can I still download it when bought earlier? Does not seem to work.

    • noelalejandro

      Hi Tobias. Some of the old purchases might have lost download rights due an over secure informatics process.
      We have now regranted you access to your purchases. Enjoy!

  5. Dobbin666 (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful film. I wanted to know what happens next? You really make us care about these characters. I think this is the sign of an amazing writer and director and actors. Well done and THANK YOU x

  6. IJRomero (verified owner)

    Hi, when I go to download my purchase the page just refreshes and nothing downloads.

    • noelalejandro

      Hi, yes, I’m sorry. Some clients might find problems to find their old purchases. I’ve just restored your access to all the movies you’ve purchased.
      Thanks a lot

  7. chavo2012 (verified owner)

    I purchased this film and it says the download never expires and now that I need to download it because I lost the back up, I can’t. I sent via email proof of purchase. Please help.Regards,
    Carlos Raffols

  8. billyjoe83

    Hello. I purchased the the bundle but only 3 films show up. All the rest have disappeared

    • noelalejandro

      hi, it’s a common error we are experiencing for some buyers of this bundle. Now it’s fixed 😉

  9. Fa22

    I bought in Jan the full bundle 2. But now it is not accesible anymore under my username. The link breaks and I can not download it or stream the full movies

    • noelalejandro

      hi! I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve just re-grant your access to the films. thanks!

  10. Leander

    It’s not full movie, please where I can find it, and I don’t have any credit cart for buy whag shall I do. Thanks

  11. Wilhelm Minten

    Nice! Hot!

  12. kdhphotography

    Attempting to buy latest 2 films. I click download and the page just refreshes.

    • noelalejandro (verified owner)

      Hi, I’m sorry for this. I’ll let to know to the informatics that this is clearly a web development problem. For now the only solution I find is to create a new user with different email and then you should be able to purchase the new films.

  13. PeterS

    This movie has an erotic power that totally captivates you! I almost got an orgasm while watching, without even touching me …

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