I am so excited to share with you “After Cherries”, the latest film from my anthology “Bedtime Stories”. “After Cherries” follows the relationship between two similarly strong-opinionated people. Daniel is an anxious conspiracy believer who’s clamouring for the world to hear him, and Clement has grown tired of these constant disinformation campaigns. Together, they try to put their differences and their weariness of the world aside and embark in a hallucinogenic fueled sex trip to reconnect emotionally and physically. 

As a very sceptical person myself, I am always looking for evidence and facts to support whatever I hear on the news or from friends. But the reality is we are all a bit stubborn while defending our own ideas, and, I believe, we are not allowing ourselves to have doubts or to reflect on other people’s points of view. We are more and more divided and separated than ever. At the same time, we are all looking for deeper connections and be able to show our emotions and vulnerabilities. In the end, intimacy is a beautiful thing and can be a powerful tool to connect with another person and to learn and discover more about ourselves.

One aspect of using hallucinogenics in a sexual environment is the possibility of escaping ourselves and the world for a brief moment to go to a place where only pleasure and good feelings habit. Which in this story helps both Clement and Daniel put their ideological opinions aside to better reconnect as friends and lovers. 

“I believe, we are not allowing ourselves to have doubts or to reflect on other people’s points of view.”

It was my first time working with Shay Noir and Sultan of Filth, and they turned out to be an absolute treat. They were both extremely committed to the project and the story and were able to nail the script in an impressively short amount of time. Which is usually not the case, but especially in this film where there’s an actual discussion with the associated overlapping of voices and seeing who can scream the loudest. I find it is usually hard for actors, in general, to engage in that sort of dialogue. Nevertheless, we had some very positive rehearsals, and they were able to act the entire scene without cuts, which impressed me very much.

“After Cherries” is the fourth film in my (almost) monthly “Bedtime Stories” anthology. With “Bedtime Stories” I wanted to ask the question of what propels people to sleep together? Maybe it’s horniness, or maybe it’s sadness, or heartbreak, or the fulfilment of a fantasy, or just for fun. Perhaps it’s all of those things at the same time… or sometimes none of them. It’s a compelling project and an excellent chance to dive deeper into the intimate connection we make with a sex partner in whatever situation we find ourselves. 


“When it comes to sex, love and passion, there are no wrong or right answers because they are subjective experiences limited only by our own boundaries.”

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Thanks and enjoy,
Noel Alejandro