Noel Alejandro – Berlin, February 16, 2024. In the realm of Greek mythology, there exists the tale of King Midas, a ruler whose reckless wish turned everything he touched into gold. While the story’s details may be irrelevant, its essence lingers—an exploration of the art of touch and the profound connection between body and mind. In my upcoming film, Body Memories, I delve into this intricate dance, showcasing the intimate world of erotic massage through the eyes and hands of NACAÑADÍ.

Body Memories is a confessional erotic massage film, a unique addition to the Bedtime Stories series featuring the talented NACAÑADÍ and Xuxo. The narrative unfolds as NACAÑADÍ, a massagist sex worker, provides his services to Xuxo while sharing the joys, dignity, and challenges of his profession. From societal prejudices to invasive neighbors, NACAÑADÍ’s journey highlights the thick-skinned resilience required in sex work.

The inspiration for Body Memories arose from a conversation with a friend about the absence of massage movies in my collection. Going beyond the conventional erotic film trope, I infused the storyline with the real-life experiences of NACAÑADÍ. Through informal conversations, we crafted a script that authentically portrays his multifaceted world, merging the roles of an erotic massagist and an actor.

“NACAÑADÍ’s journey highlights the thick-skinned resilience required in sex work”

The film aims not only to captivate with its visuals but also to shed light on the beauty found in NACAÑADÍ’s narrative. His tactile sensitivity and bodily awareness become tools to connect with others, creating a profound sense of pride and fulfillment. Despite society’s stigmatization, NACAÑADÍ’s story humanizes sex work, challenging preconceived notions and unveiling its complexities.

Amidst the celebration of Body Memories, I feel compelled to address recent developments in my homeland, Spain. The proposed abolition of prostitution, labeled as an extension of women’s rights, raises concerns about the potential harm it may cause to consensual sex workers. This pseudo-feminist legislation, intended to combat pimping and trafficking, risks pushing sex work into the shadows, jeopardizing the safety and rights of those involved.

As someone entrenched in the sex industry, I vehemently oppose this proposed law and hope for a more nuanced approach that respects the voices and rights of sex workers. I invite you to share your thoughts on this matter and engage in a meaningful conversation. Your insights are invaluable.

I extend my gratitude for your continued support and invite you to explore Body Memories, available here. Stay connected through my X, Instagram, and website, and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for updates on upcoming releases.

Here’s to breaking barriers, fostering understanding, and celebrating the artistry of touch.

Warm regards,

Noel Alejandro