Body Memories

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For Nacañadí, erotic massage is a calling. Swayed by the power of his touch, strangers’ bodies and minds unwind alike. When Xuxo comes in for a session, Nacañadí’s hands masterfully knead the flesh beneath them as his soothing voice tells the story of his work. A simple massage turns into an intimate threeway encounter between the masseur, the client and their audience. In a world where intimacy is hard to come by, tender touch can give rise to the ultimate erotic experience. 

Bedtime Stories – The Series

Brainchild of the Noel Alejandro project, Bedtime Stories is an ongoing series focused on the beauty of intimacy. Each new film combines one thought-provoking opening and the usual sophisticated filmography to create stories that are new, intimately inspiring, and visually appealing.

Body Memories was filmed and edited in Barcelona. Directed by Noel Alejandro.

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  • Director: Noel Alejandro
  • Cast: NACAÑADÍ & Xuxo
  • Year: 2024
  • Length: 19 minutes
  • Language: Spanish with subtitles in EN and SP.
  1. GM

    Why can we get offers on individual movies? Ppl that already bought previous packs won’t pay again to get just one or two films. I’m leaving this suggestion here for you!

  2. Adrian Sandeson (verified owner)

    I really liked this video because I like erotic massage a lot. The actors are very nice. It is important to note this is not a hardcore episode and visible contact is not shown; but even as a light-softcore clip it works well.

    I wish there was a longer version of this video with some adult fun time showed in full galore, but hey! one can’t have it all!


  3. [email protected] (verified owner)

    i write again, i can not download yhe movie even i have paid for it

  4. c (verified owner)

    I pre-ordered on Feb 10 and still haven’t received a download link…

    • Noel Alejandro

      Hi, I’ve just sent you an email 🙂

  5. Robert

    Any way to get english subtitles?

    • Noel Alejandro

      Yes, you can select them on your video player settings. I recommend Quicktime for Mac or VLC player for the rest.

    • Noel Alejandro

      Yes, using any video player and on the settings, activating subs 😉

  6. Bearinlux (verified owner)

    So smooth, so beautiful – and so exciting!

    Rarely has sensuous skin on skin been put to film in such a masterful way – Congratulations for another piece of fine art.

  7. Kathryn Collier (verified owner)

    I pre-ordered this, but haven’t been sent a download link

    • Noel Alejandro

      Hi, Have you checked your spam folder? If it’s still not here, please let me know 🙂

  8. Cristian

    Me encantó

  9. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I can not to download !

  10. BronsonJ (verified owner)

    Wish it were a bit longer and we got to see the Nicandi a bit more. Overall done well and beautiful

  11. Ben


  12. culprit_domes0c (verified owner)

    I bought this two days ago. When will it become available?

    • Noel Alejandro

      It’s now available

  13. Frater Gymnos

    I love erotic massage… watching and giving even more than receiving. Thank you. And I really appreciate the fuller, hairier, more natural bodies in this film.

  14. clive

    As someone who enjoys both giving and receiving tantric massages this new film looks interesting! Another Noel film for the collection!

  15. Chris Warnick

    Looks great

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