The End, my new film, has Pierre Emö and Bishop Black turning a strange confront into a monumental and arousing spectacle over the screen.

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Once again wanting to try something new, I turned my cameras back to the erotica of the melancholy. This film is blues; is a symphony of desire, absence and flesh. It’s about an obsessed artist who overdoses on additions and feelings, until his lattermost move takes him to a world between two worlds. An unsettling, still beautiful purgatory. Disobedience, bravery, sex and love. In the line of my highest ranked film Call Me a Ghost (Pierre Emö, Valentin Braun), soon comes the film that’s my most audacious production up to date.

Please note: the movie is in its final edits and will be released soon. You’ll get an email when the date comes.


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