Under the Rain

Four men occupy an old building to execute an artistic project. Mike, the photographer, leads the group while the three models perform in a session that seems to dilate out of the script and into their lives. As the scene evolves, the wounded artist Viktor will take an impassioned trip through his feelings of doubt, fear and ambition, before climaxing into an erotic burst with the group.

A story of will and perceptions that could easily allude to our owns – and to our individual impressions of erotica.

Filmed and edited in Berlin. Directed by Noel Alejandro. 

Cast: Valentin Braun, Anteo Chara, Markus Reid and Enki Babylon

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  1. juanca (verified owner)


  2. yuri77 (verified owner)

    Can I pay by Paypal?

    • noelalejandro (verified owner)

      yes! Epoch allows Paypal payments

  3. caspianchai (verified owner)

    released already?

    • noelalejandro (verified owner)

      Yes! 🙂

  4. Alphabeth (verified owner)

    il m’est impossible de télécharger la vidéo…

    • noelalejandro (verified owner)

      Hi there! I have regenerated your download permissions. You should be able now 🙂

  5. caspianchai (verified owner)

    but it shows up not yet….

  6. Sadat

    I love your work. It’s truly refreshing & erotic. Been a fan for years now & seen anything, except the new release. Do you also offer to have these great films on DVD? I’d love to add your visions to my collection of exceptional movies.

  7. edgalloway (verified owner)

    “Under The Rain” is so beautiful!

    Valentin is such a star … Anteo, Markus and Enki, too.

    I love your work; you never disappoint!

  8. Sylvain Paulus (verified owner)

    Super je me suis reconnu dans ce très beau court métrage. Félicitations !!!

  9. Amimal


    Ayant perdu mon mot de passe, je ne peux me contacter à mon espace et la réinitialisation du mot de passe de votre site ne fonctionne pas.

    • noelalejandro (verified owner)

      Hi there, you should be able to have your password resent to you email. I’ll check what could not be working.

  10. laurent plessi (verified owner)

    Très beau film. J’adore cet érotisme ! Bravo pour ce travail.

  11. Adam

    I do remember seeing an article, i guess here on yout blog, talking about how bareback is more natural and better. I was really very excited to see the movie, specially that you have Anteo and Valentin !
    but then i saw condoms, and boy, that was really not expected ! please have them again in another movie RAW..

  12. Jorge (verified owner)

    I find this film one of your best.A rough location with a silky cinematography,the silkiness reinforced by the soundtrack – VERY nice.

    I guess it’s more difficult to get a good 4-some than a good 3-some or a good pair, but you’ve done it well! And the guys are sooooo sexy!!!

    Bravo for the result.

  13. Likhit (verified owner)

    Beautiful. Valentin is always my favourite, I want him! ???? Waiting for the next one.

  14. vinnyguhne

    Hi Noel! I wrote you a DM on Twitter because I don’t have you email address re. technical support. Can you reply to me? Thanks! Vinny

  15. Devin Crooms

    Trying to purchase, but it won’t let me. Is it because I’m America?:(

    • noelalejandro

      Please, try another card, and if the problem persists, let me know which movies are you interested in so I’ll send you a Paypal link.

  16. Antonio Espinoza

    Me gustan tus cortos porno gay, la manera de plantear la pornografía con erotismo sin caer en la vulgaridad y lo cotidiano del porno de siempre.
    También en la pornografía se pueden contar historias interesantes llenas de romantisismo y erotismo bien cuidado, filmando escenas de sexo real cargadas de erotismo y pornografía, que en verdad calientan.

  17. Clive Baker

    Such a beautiful film! Wonderfully shot, location so full of excitement and mood! The 4 actors are all so attractive and inspiring. A real joy to discover this gem. Congratulations

  18. Claus Gaisser (verified owner)

    Puuhh… I love the pictures in this movie! But please tell me: Where can i find the subtitle file for german subtitles?
    Thanks a lot for your work! Love you *)

  19. Eason Brown

    I am very interested in this short film, but how to watch it? Why is it so lagging when watching this trailer? If I spend 10.50 euros, can I watch all the videos?

  20. James (verified owner)

    I purchased and downloaded. How can I get English subtitles?


    wonderful introuction.


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