The Cable Guy

Classics are classics for a reason! Take the good old story of the cable guy fixing something in your house, looking hot as hell, and mix it with some realistic touching, biting and heavy breathing. A modern fairy tale for those wishing nothing more than a regular everyday mantainment visit. No commitments, no strings attached, just the complete fulfillment of the carnal senses. The Cable Guy is the latest film by Noel Alejandro. Produced and shot in Barcelona, the film has 16 minutes of incredibly hot sex, flowering from the most deep desires. The silence, tension and the stunning close ups are printmarks of the director’s effervescent work.

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  1. Hanspeter von Daeniken

    it’s a new kind to react on pornography

  2. Likhit

    Sexy !

  3. Andres

    Amazing, am speechless

  4. Marcelo


  5. monkib

    i saw the trailer and i really want to watch

  6. saint-leger johan

    hello i want to see all thank you!

  7. Lukas Dietz

    I saw the trailer on youtube and now i am curios how it is going to be

  8. Christian

    I watched the film “The cable guy” and I have to tell, that this is one of the most erotic and beautyful movies I ever saw.
    I couldn’t name it porn, it’s art.

    Everything is so naturally and the two actors are so intimate with each other and beside all this it still makes you horny.
    Great work!

    I also love the both actors, both are my type of guy.

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