Thank you…

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“Are you always this quiet?” he asks, looking at him through the mirror. There’s something mad about his smile and his picturesque moustache. What is he hiding? Those pictures of him, aren’t they a little macabre? Mmmm… maybe best not to think. He’s here now, and he’s who I want. “Thank you…” is primarily a sex film, but not only that. Following the path of questioning personal feelings in sex (watched Eloi & Biel yet?), Noel Alejandro creates an erotic piece full of mystery and enigmas. And, it was all improvised! No scripts limiting these two craving for each other. The cherry on top is the soundtrack by Logical Disorder (Javier Barrero), known for its senses of paranoia, totalitarianism and resistance to hopelessness. Starring Vince and Damian Mauro (special performance for Noel Alejandro). “Thank you…” was filmed in Berlin. Directed by Noel Alejandro.

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  1. Likhit

    Valentin is my crush omg he is so hot. This film is hot and intense, love both of them.

  2. model

    amazing and beautiful movie

  3. joshbrfs

    This is an amazing and beautiful video especially with Damian Mauro and encourage you to find and film similar youthful and young actors they ADD so much romance and beauty to your filming style … thanks David

  4. Pedro

    Beautiful movie

  5. Yemeljan Pugachev

    Great film…

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