A virus is always an unwanted guest. Yet, if it arrives, you better make room for it. Consumed by the guilt, Miguel (Alejandría Cinque) was doing his best to keep Evaristo (Cachorro Lozano) safe and apart of the tension, but he knew he couldn’t hide it any longer when dark thoughts started taking on his dreams. Seeking the mystic help of a pendulum, both lovers enter a dangerous game of questions that will reveal the most undesirable intimacy. In the time of a day, they’ll go together through the fear of the illness, the subtle loss of the innocence, and the unparalleled complicity that arises from deep truth.

Based on the story of Alejandría Cinque and Cachorro Lozano. Serodiscordantes was filmed and edited in Berlin. Directed by Noel Alejandro. Subtitle files in german, french and english are included with the downloadable file.

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  1. BILLIE (verified owner)

    A wonderful film, in which you can see the real sexual connection between these two guys.

  2. Roger That

    Love the natural bodies in this film without all the trimmed and shaved look- that’s a huge turn off.
    Yes he shaved had balls- 🙁 LOVED the beautiful pubic hair, the hairy bum, legs, pits- ohH!
    Yes, there’s more to the film in story, just loved looking at the faces- the eyelashes, brows. I love all that study.
    -Could get more erotic- love the rhythmic pumping of perineum, the pulse going through the cock of climax..?
    Men are just so beautiful!
    and nothing like loving someone.
    Anyway, commercial American style porn I hate.
    Glad you’re doing a good job out there!

  3. vic (verified owner)

    Hi there, I purchased this almost an year ago but now I cannot download it anymore, any help? Btw nice content

    • noelalejandro (verified owner)

      Hi Vic. I have regranted you access to the movie. Enjoy!

  4. Adrian Sandeson

    Great film

  5. Shaun (verified owner)

    Downloaded the film, but no subtitles.
    A little disappointing.

    • noelalejandro (verified owner)

      Subtitles are encapsulated. Try playing the film on VLC player

  6. john heighington (verified owner)

    lloved it just too much body hair for me

  7. M B

    Indeed! Thx 🙂

  8. M B

    Hey there, I’ve bought the full package of your films, including this one, yet I cannot download it, either from here or from my downloads page. In fact, I only have four films now on my page. What’s going on?

    • noelalejandro (verified owner)

      This is a common problem that is affecting to some of the Pack All my films owners. Thanks for letting me know. While we research where is the problem coming from, I’ve just restored your purchases and you should have access to all them now 🙂 Enjoy

  9. Daryl Benfer

    I’ve watched your trailers and all the movies look good. I want to know if they will ever be sold on dvd disks?
    I would prefer them on a hard copy.

    • noelalejandro (verified owner)

      Hi Daryl. I’m sorry but I have no plans yet to edit my films in DVD or bluray… Although I feel tempted I rather focus on digital market.

  10. H_d_D_Gay

    An excellent film on a still taboo subject. Excellent actors and sensual moments full of eroticism and sex.

  11. emanuel johannes

    Amazingly beautiful! Everything. Your work is erotic in the original greek way. There is love, vulnerability, tension, intimacy… extremely. I love the fact that your camera indulges in showing the breath between the mouthes.
    Both actors are genuinely themeselves – even if they are acting. It’s truly one of my favorites! Can’t wait for more. (I watched them all)

  12. jsem2019 (verified owner)

    Hello, I’ve downloaded the movie twice now and I still can’t find the subtitles file. When I click on the icon next to the speaker icon it says Subtitles then below that Choose subtitle file and it takes me into file explorer and there doesn’t seem to be any other files included in the download except the MP4. Thank for any help you might be able to offer.

    • noelalejandro

      Hi! Maybe you need to re-download the film (seems to be an incomplete file) and try to play it on Quicktime, if not MAC user then try VLC. thanks!

  13. Joelkjohnstone

    I bought the full access pass and read in the comments that it gave access to not only all current films but any future releases. However I am unable to download this new film. Was I misinformed?

    • noelalejandro

      hi there, the full pack it only gives access to the films released at the moment of the purchase. thanks 🙂

  14. SJ

    Are they a real couple? Have they done porn before?

    • noelalejandro

      Yes, they are a real couple and they have been always very exhibitionist but I’d say that this was their first sexual explicit performance together

  15. ybxl2015 (verified owner)

    very niceeeee !! actors, story, editing, !!!!

  16. rabbit (verified owner)

    A film, that shows sex with all its details. It hides really nothing. But nevertheless it is much more than porn, as it demonstrates physical passion as a natural and beautiful part of life. Noel never flaunts his actors, although you see all there most private body parts. Noel’s work is full of intensity and honesty. You feel the film maker’s passion for what he is doing. It’s not about perfect bodies but about beautiful minds. And even if in that context it sounds a little bit trivial, but technically it is made simply brilliant.

  17. walterbatt (verified owner)

    An impeccable film for which I thank the director. Tender, sexy and meaningful.

  18. PALEFILM (verified owner)

    I sent you a message earlier but no reply !
    I just download the film but there is no subtitles in English nor in French ? Have I done something wrong in the download ? Thanks for your reply

    • noelalejandro

      Hi, this means that the file hasn’t have downloaded entirely. Please, try again, the file does contains subtitles in english, french and german.

  19. Wayne (verified owner)

    I LOVE your films. There’s so much story building and the chemistry feels so real.
    Sweat and Seed are good films but not really my cup of tea. Serodiscordantes, however, is amazing. I personally am a sucker for love and romance so I definitely enjoyed every second of it.
    Thanks for bringing so much skill and art into these films!

  20. mikurk (verified owner)

    I did the payment without having an account and I don’t know how to watch the film. Maybe i did something wrong. thnk you

    • noelalejandro

      Hi! the films has been added into your account 🙂

  21. doppler1

    I would like to purchase however film is not downloading to taking me to payment page….

    • noelalejandro

      Hi, I’m sorry, this is a web development issue I’ve found out today. The only solution for now is register with a new email and complete the purchase. We’re always on time to add this purchase into your old account later but at least you will be able to download the film today.

  22. Ruud (verified owner)

    After some trouble I was able to see Discordantes. It was worth waiting some time. A precizely made film, good story, good actors. Thank you, Noel Alejandro.

  23. garionzrh

    became a member last september (I understand that techniclly this movie isn’t part of the ‘all movies bundle’ because it was released this year). but in my profile the movie shows as ‘purchased’, and gives the option of ‘download’ (except it doesn’t). is it or isn’t it art of the bundle? 🙂

    • noelalejandro

      Hi, I’m sorry for this. I’ll let to know to the informatics that this is clearly a web development problem. For now the only solution I find is to create a new user with different email and then you should be able to purchase the new films.

  24. chavo2012

    I can’t purchase it!
    Noel no hace nada cuando oprimo download. Yo tengo cuenta y te he comprado todas las peliculas. Con ésta nueva no se que pasa.

  25. Alee (verified owner)

    When will i receive the film? 🙂

    • noelalejandro

      Hi, the film has been added into your account. Enjoy! 🙂

  26. Daniel

    How can I preorder this movie ? Because I’m from asia

    • noelalejandro

      yes you can buy it

  27. Juanlo6 (verified owner)

    Hola! A mí me ha pasado lo mismo la he comprado me he registrado y nada. Tengo que enviarte un mail?

    • noelalejandro

      Hola! La película está en tu cuenta lista para descargar

  28. chavo2012

    I am trying to purchase but can’t, why?

    • noelalejandro

      Would you describe when does it stop you?

  29. Alejandro (verified owner)

    Have not received mail with download link still. Ordered and paid for the movie a few days ago…. isnt pre order to get it first? 🙁 please help

    • noelalejandro

      Hi, for now buying as guest means not receiving the link till you register. Buying as a guest will work from tomorrow on only. I suggest to those who haven’t received the film yet to register and to email me with the user.

  30. francoisd (verified owner)

    Still doesn’t work …. ;-(

  31. francoisd (verified owner)

    I bought it but cannot download it … help !!!

    • noelalejandro

      I’ve granted access now 🙂

  32. chakotay2008 (verified owner)

    Stil not received mail with download link. Ordered and paid for the movie yesterday. Please help.

    • noelalejandro

      thanks for your patience, I’ve granted access now 😉

  33. PeterS

    Alejandria is not only an attractive man, he also has a beautiful, vulnerable yet proud aura. It is courageous and admirable to show one’s feelings so openly and to show oneself to the sex and his desire so openly in front of the camera. Noel Alejandro has managed to create a new (gay) porn aesthetic that is unaffected, genuine, believable and at the same time highly erotic. His films make one feel like being in the same room – or in the same shrubbery – as one’s actors and watching them in a way that is not voyoristic, but acts as if it were part of the love game.

    • noelalejandro

      I agree, Alejandría has the kind of vulnerable aura I love to film and build characters on. I’m glad you connected with the film 🙂

  34. cephax (verified owner)

    I’ve bought it, but can’t watch it. There is a download button but nothing happens when I click it. I’m shure it’s a wonderful film, though.

    • noelalejandro

      I’ve granted access now 🙂

  35. franxuj (verified owner)

    Hola, compré el vídeo esta mañana y aún no tengo forma de verlo, ¿es posible que sea un error del medio de pago?

    • noelalejandro

      Hola, ahora debería funcionarte. Si no te funciona avísame.

  36. Marco Marcello Lupoi (verified owner)

    Que pasa con el enlace? Son las 18.36 y no se he visto nada.

    • noelalejandro

      Ya lo tienes. Perdona la espera, la web no paraba de caerse!

  37. walter01 (verified owner)

    any feedbacks, pre order customer could not receive download links?

    • noelalejandro

      I’ve granted access now. Hope you can enjoy the film finally!

  38. bmatt10 (verified owner)

    Hey, I preordered the film but I havent received the email.
    What happened?

    • noelalejandro

      I’ve sent you finally the film 🙂

  39. leo

    ¡Hola! ¿Cuándo recibiremos el enlace de descarga? Thanx!!!!!

    • noelalejandro

      Hola, disculpad la tardanza. Algunos de los enlaces ya se han enviado y otros tardarán un poco más pero todas las compras van en camino.

  40. walter (verified owner)

    around what time will the download links for pre orders will be sent?

    • noelalejandro

      Today at 13 GMT+1 😉

  41. Orfe8

    I’ve paid for this film but I haven’t received it yet. Can you help me please?

    • noelalejandro

      Thanks for pre-ordering the film! Serodiscordantes will be sent tomorrow to all the customers 🙂

  42. Diagram91

    wohoooo <3

  43. Mark

    Will the movie contain subtitles in german and will the sex be as hot as your previous movies? The seed was not really good tho

    • noelalejandro

      Hey Mark 🙂 Yes! The movie will contain subtitles in english, german and french! And yes! sex this time is abundant.

  44. Clemens

    I love cachorro!! I can’t wait to watch this

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