Forget me Not

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A revelational sexual encounter with a young artist sets protagonist Leo off on a spiral of questioning his relationship with boyfriend Raul, ultimately breaking things off. While a desperate Raul tries to talk his ex into returning over the phone, Leo’s gaze keeps darting to the center of the room he has found himself in. There, a coffin rests with its door open. In the pursuit of a fulfilling life, what are we willing to sacrifice? 

Filmed in Barcelona. Edited in Berlin.

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  • Director: Noel Alejandro
  • Cast: Javier Des Leon & Abel Sanztin
  • Year: 2022
  • Length: 23 minutes
  • Language: Spanish with subtitles in EN, DE, FR, PT and SP.
  1. Ishimwe odace

    I want to see full video

  2. Oscar Strangelof

    can I buy it

  3. Luc Valgaeren (verified owner)

    Hi Alejandro,
    thanks for your new film, he is really nice but I agree with Adrian: I don’t see the connection between the two parts and so I wonder about the title of the film ‘Don’t forget me’) and the subtitle (‘At the other dide of bed’). Thanks for helping me to better understand this masterpiece. Abel Santzin is indeed a real delight. I congratulated him yet on his Instagram, but I don’t know if he alreay could read it!?

  4. Nasser

    I likt

  5. Adrian Sandeson

    I didn’t understand it.

    The actors were nice, the sex was ok, but there was no connection between them..?
    First he speaks on the phone for 10 minutes then it jumps to the scene.
    Sorry. I didn’t get it.

  6. Clive (Cj) (verified owner)

    Indeed I am not disappointed with ‘Forget Me Not’! Abel Sanztin is a real delight and visually he is a treat to watch. The photography is superb, congratulations! The characters are believable and the story excellent. The location and quality of the production is a great testament to how much Noel has advanced with these intimate and erotic films. Hope more are to follow in due course: they are worth the wait!

  7. GayBelgium

    Based on the preview, this film is again a must see.

  8. Dan

    Looks so attractive and real so cannot wait to see it

  9. Clive (Cj)

    The prospect of a new Alejandro film is always to be anticipated! The films are always relevant and different, the actors are believable. What a Christmas present in store! I’m sure it will brighten the darkest day!

  10. S. A.

    Looking forward to the new film, as always!

  11. Ali

    This looks AMAZING!! Can we get this earlier…I can’t wait haha

  12. Oceanboi60

    So excited that I been given this opportunity to pre order your film which all wonderfully done…More so your last name is my middle name too.

  13. Richard Guier

    looking forward to it.


    I´m really hopefull to see this film because the others I ´ve seen were really amazing!! Thanks, Noel, for this new production!!

  15. Markus Sundqvist

    I confirm my pre-order.

  16. Emil Botev

    What I need to write here, please?

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