Dazed from a recent break-up, model Raul arrives late to a photoshoot, but photographer Mauri decides to let it off the hook. As time passes by Raul struggles to focus in front of the camera, rather seeking consolation in the photographer. Grief turns to rage turns to lust as emotions rise and develop between the ornate green walls of the room. When one door is forced shut, another one is pushed open.

Starring Francisco Gabriel and Vinicius Coelho. With Carla Berrocal in a supporting role. Filmed in Barcelona and edited in Berlin.

Read my thoughts on BELLO, Failure, Emotions and Redemption on my blog.

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  1. John

    Are you still working in collaboration with HereTV> Usually when I subscribe to HereTV I am to your online films but was told sometime ago that it has been put on hold but will resume shortly.

    • Noel Alejandro

      No, I think they’re not aloud to stream explicit content anymore

  2. Paulo Alves

    I love Alejandro´s films. They´re hot and all the are so handsome and delicious.

  3. Wayne Mims

    For those having trouble accessing subtitles, some media players can’t find them, but iTunes can.

  4. koulir (verified owner)

    Where can I find the subtitles?

    • Noel Alejandro

      Quick time, VLC player, iTunes.. they all can run the enclosed captions.

  5. Michael W. (verified owner)

    I enjoyed it overall, but I wish the film had subtitles to get a better understanding of the story.

    • Noel Alejandro

      Hi Michael, the movie does have selectable subtitles in 5 different languages..

  6. Pierre Domingo

    you are such an artist!

  7. Jose magaña

    Excelente pelicula

  8. Now Voyager (verified owner)

    Generally spoken it’s a nice film but not flawless. The Sex scenes are ok but could’ve been a little bit more explicit. In my opinion Raul is too dominating and the scenes are shown too much out of Raul’s POV. There’s not enough room for Mauri to develop his desires. He seems like a sex worker, hired just to fulfil Raul’s sexual wishes. There is no balance in their sexual encounter. Mauri is forced down. And that explains why we either do not see him cum, nor his orgasm and that is very unsatisfying.

  9. GayBelgium (verified owner)

    The preview of the film was somewhat featureless. That’s why I considered buying the film. However, I was not disappointed. Again a very erotic film with horny actors. Thank you!

  10. rugby69 (verified owner)

    guys stop fighting about the word queer.
    I personally detest it but I really think the younger guys didn’t ever experience being called queer as kids… they see it as an appropriation without personal experience.
    For me it means personal violence- physical violence. So no, I will never advocate its use based on my own personal experience.
    Those of you who disagree, that’s totally OK.. it’s not your experience.
    But for those of us born in a generation where queer was not just an esoteric term to be appropriated, lay off. We not only had to have rampant physical violence and no social acceptance but also the association of sex equals death.
    Please pause before you make gratuitous accusations.

  11. rugby69 (verified owner)

    Noel you are a master. Wow, wow wow.
    Another incredible video.
    Vinicius is so delicious… natural, normal, what we encounter in a dream… not s stupid LA video… just wonderfully handsome, sexy and seductive…
    Please show more of him as he is irresistible!!!
    Hugs to you and congrats… another winner! Besos

  12. Clive (Cj) (verified owner)

    Having just acquired Bello I was impressed by the wonderful images, of both the actors and the location. Some, I imagine, would wish for more explicit sex scenes but those are not necessary in this film. Watching without subtitles was rewarding as there was no distraction from the action. The filming is superb and I just wish I was of an age when I could take up an internship with Noel. My own efforts with Marc Mortimer (YouTube) inspire me to achieve more as in such films as Noel’s. Thanks for another great sexual interpretation.

  13. João Roque

    I love your films.

  14. Dubois (verified owner)

    Bonsoir Noel,
    J’ai reçu un mail ce soir concernant Bello, commandé le 29/10/21. J’ai cliqué sur WATCH THE TRAILER, mais je tombe sur cette page, où il est impossible de le lire! Comment faire? Merci de m’indiquer comment faire.

  15. William

    Your films are beautifully made and the storyline and characters are ‘real’ life.

  16. Michael

    In response to Damien,

    you do not speak for all of us. Keep your toxic masc for masc mindset to yourself.

  17. matirinaldi

    No puedo esperar! ??

  18. Correy

    In response to Damien…I really hope one day you realize what you’ve said. How what you’ve said is very triggering for for those of us who were never masculine and had to fight to just be who we are. What you’ve said perpetuates division, not only in our own community, in society at large. Queer was never not claimed. You just didn’t realize that there are ‘’millions” that identify as queer. All you can see is your shame. Masculinity is fear. True masculinity does not need to tell others that it’s needed in someone’s work. True masculinity does not inflict itself onto others. What you’re exhibiting is toxic masculinity. If you want what you describe, find a porn studio that provides that. This is art. This is film. You’re only projecting your own insecurities here. As Darren wonderfully said…you only speak for yourself. All I see are positive comments and yours is the only negative one. I have no interest in belittling you or talking down to you. It just triggered me reading it because I fought many a mental and physical battle to be the queer man I man today and I found that rather insulting. I hope one day you learn to love yourself as you are just as we have.

  19. Darren

    In response to Damien. . . You only speak for yourself and your own demographic.
    If you want all that toxic masc for masc bullshit, there is plenty of that out there.
    Take your gay shame elsewhere.
    You do not speak for the majority.
    Noels films are a breath of fresh air in the face of everything you have just described.

  20. Damien

    You are so talented but it’s wasted on the subject matter of your videos. You have fans who crave masculinity and realistic themes. We want masculine men with masculine subjects that we can relate to. Also the word “queer” or queerness has not been reclaimed. It is still an extremely insulting and disrespectful term to the majority of LGBT. It’s an embarrassing and humiliating word to millions. That has never changed. This word is never ok to use despite what younger generation activists are trying to do with this word. Thank you.

  21. Josu Sein

    Adoro tus películas y lo que dices sobre “queerness”

  22. Josu Sein

    Your films are masterpieces and I love what you say about queerness

  23. João Roque

    I love realy your films.Thanx.

  24. Schuyler Vincent

    I am a fan of you work. I have all of your films in the first release. They are superb!

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