When flesh needs a safe shelter, it’ll find it in the wild. Arms as branches, legs as trunks – and the silence isn’t silence but the loudest expression of earthly desire. Dazed by the mystery (and more), two men surrender to their strong appetite for a carnal, intense, and evanescent fuck. Shot in 2015, Bad Medicine portrays exactly what it promises: a quick-and-dirty option for a very needed cure. The camera moves around and brings you closer to these two smoking hot men, who entered the woods with a very provocative purpose – and who will make you leave completely satisfied.

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  • Director: Noel Alejandro
  • Cast: Ian Grey & Aitor Bravo
  • Year: 2015
  • Length: 16 minutes
  • Language: English
  1. hans-kurt trapp

    bin gespannt

  2. Fringe_Events

    I’m having trouble seeing the download anywhere. All I see are previews

    • Noel Alejandro

      Your access to the movie has been restored. Enjoy!

  3. Paul

    I discovered your site and films. This is great. Do you have a script supervisor for them and crew?

  4. john heighington (verified owner)

    downloaded very fast , reminded me of when i lived in bath , cruising in royal victoria park

  5. Hendryk de Dissowe (verified owner)

    This is now my second movie for download. Again ingeniously made and I will make the collection complete.

  6. Kagura

    Always stay loyal to your point of view of life, this is what makes you different! 🙂 The day you will be filming what peoples want to see, rather than what you want to make them feel/what you want to express, your work will become mundane, nothing more than classical porn…

    I mean, yes, author cinema is your passion, and it can be seen. Don’t worry, because you easily succeed to provoque something else than a boner. 😉 Your characters seems real, and in a way, “alive”, they looks like they were really living the situation, because you depict scene that could be real…

  7. Kagura

    Just as I said it in my first post, I was looking for a kind of movies with some “feelings” in it. I tried some “normal porn” just to fin guys “pony sized” and girls “Barbie styled”, body shaved and muscled, bottom used as an object and looking so bored, waiting only for the top to finish… This is why I’m so happy that I found some “realistic porn”, with cute boys, obviously, but with no-perfect bodies, hairy as an adult body should look, and, well, “expressing something with their eyes!” I read your “about Noel” column and saw that you were trying to “introduce contradictory feelings into a sex scene” and it works! There is real feelings in your work, sometimes good one, sometimes less good, but you totally understood that it is possible to write a story only with the eyes, with stares, and I found it awesome! You turned “porn stars” in “actors”, and you can be proud of it! And as I already said it, I’m waiting impatiently for your new movies! 😉

    • noelalejandro

      Well, maybe my films are well done sometimes, some other not but I always keep as mandatory to be loyal to my point of view of life. I’m not going to pretend life is amazing and happy just because I make porn. I’m not event trying to like to the people, my main goal is to get over my own depressions and melancholy feelings though this gender, which is itself very weird, I admit, and to provoque something else than a boner on my audience. Author cinema is my passion.

  8. Kagura

    Ah, but I guess a “recreational use” is ok. Maybe some people are gonna wonder about what poppers is, but I really think you can’t be liable for any problem if they decide to find some, and overuse/misuse it… I don’t reallys seek for other movies, since yours are perfectly what I was looking for, but I think you’re not the only “adult film director” who is using poppers in his films… 😉

    • noelalejandro

      Thanks!! I feel really happy to be what you were looking for. Hope I can bring a lot of new movies this year for you 😉

  9. Kagura

    Thank you for your quick answer 🙂 According to what wikipedia is saying, I think it is poppers in Hairy too. In Bad Medicine, it totally explain why the faces of Ian Grey and Aitor Bravo are becoming red juste after they sniffed it… I’m sure that everybody is using it safely in your movies, but as an ex-biology student, I cannot encourage it’s regular use, because it has a bunch of bad secondary effects…

    Concerning the law, I’m french, and it seems that the politicians of my country are fighting since 2007 to know if this product must be forbidden or not (some of it’s forms are forbidden since 1990…)

    Anyway, thank you for the reply, and I’m waiting impatiently for Call me a ghost! 🙂

    • noelalejandro

      thanks for your reply. Actually when i made that film I was not really worried about the consequences because I had a small audience. But maybe now that my brand is starting to grow up I should consider a reedit. thanks a lot for your tips.

  10. Kagura

    Hey! I’m new in the “porn looking thing” (I choose to start with your movies because it all looks so hot and sensual for porn… You can even find a history! And the actors doesn’t seems to be bothered as hell…) and I can’t help wondering “what the hell are they sniffing? (Ok, I admit it, I’m a girl… Maybe it could be something I know if I was a gay guy! xD)

    Thanks for the answer 😉

    • noelalejandro

      Hey Kagura, they sinff POPPERS, a chem called alkyl nitrites that a lot of people inhales for recreational purposes. Completely legal in most of the countries.

  11. coolcatz

    I really loved it. Everything good with the download 😉
    thanks for creating such a wonderful and extremely hot movies ;))))))

  12. Alex Pearson

    This looks interesting – I first heard about you from a link for “Doing Elliot” which I did a google search and found your website. Glad that I did, you look like you have a lot of nice independent film work indeed! Best Wishes!

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