Guilt, love and metaphysics in Noel Alejandro’s new astonishing erotic film Serodiscordantes


BERLIN – In his most recent release Serodiscordantes, indie erotic filmmaker Noel Alejandro delves into the disquieting world of HIV-positive communities.

Based on the true life of the performers, told by the Spanish performer Alejandría Quince, the film captures the intricate moment when Evaristo (Cachorro Lozano) finds out that his partner Miguel (Quince) has been hiding his HIV-positive status. Miguel knows – as he’d been knowing for a while now – that coming clean is the right thing to do; yet, an alluvion of questions and self-doubt would take him whole. What will his HIV-negative partner think? How will he react? Where, and how, is he supposed to rest the guilt and fear around these three letters?

The film wasn’t originally in the movies scope of Noel Alejandro – in fact, the idea came up unexpectedly, after Noel spoke with famous Spanish actor Alejandría Quince to invite him for a role in another film. Alejandría Quince then mentioned his interest in telling his story as an HIV-positive gay person. Having lived this same situation with the acknowledged painter Cachorro Lozano – his partner in real life and co-star in Serodiscordantes – Alejandría helped Noel to bring their real story to the screen and reveal how profound and life-changing is the moment when you speak openly about their diagnosis. Always triggered by life challenges and real human stories, Noel Alejandro started working on a script that would bring this feelings to an adult film setting aside the melodrama and keeping only the genuine and truthful aspect of it.

After a series of deep, emotion-centered short films portraying psychological topics going from depression to loneliness to violence, Noel Alejandro pushes the boundaries once again by mixing one of the biggest taboos of gay community with sex, desire and storytelling.

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