Tristan is not from the porn world. He got in touch with me asking to star in a film, along with his partner Cyrill. The result – a powerful and completely real erotic scene – you can see in Doing Elliot.

Performs in the films

  1. mark curtis

    one of the most beautiful films i have seen. please do more together as you took our breath away.

  2. Michael S

    Loved him in “Doing Elliot” – very hot guy!

  3. thomasfhurley

    Extraordinary — truly remarkable film making. It sets the bar for all other films. So sexy — and yet so moving.

  4. GandalfGraurock

    The devotion of this manly man to his man is a pleasure to follow. He knows how to live his masculinity with great devotion and to take his partner deep inside himself, both mentally and physically.

  5. Nathanael Miller

    Tristan’s performance was inspiring. Truly! He performs with his partner, and, yet, he convincingly portrays his character’s hesitancy at regaining his comfort in sexual relations with a former friend. I hope to see him in the future, both with Cyril and with other performers!

  6. Tatsuki

    I like Doing Elliot, because they are pretty cute and their sex is so beautiful.
    Can I see other works they play romantic as well as Doing Elliot?

  7. Robert Engel

    I loved the film you made with Cyrill. Please consider giving us more of the romantic and artistic life with your love (Cyrill).

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