Gany Meat

A self-described Berlin boy, Gany Meat is an innocent-looking, doe-eyed model with an inkling for exhibitionism. Beautiful, sweet and full of charm, he stars in “Obituary: My Name is Leo”.

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  1. Rob James

    Gany is a beautiful young man and this film is the perfect opportunity to see him in all his natural beauty. I strongly recommend you see this film.

  2. Torsten Dankers

    I miss Gany cumming!

  3. Clive Baker

    Wonderful performance in ‘Obituary’. His acting was so convincing with that delightful air of innocence. His enthusiasm for and in the sex scenes was evident but so realistic. Yes I hope he does appear in future porn films as Noel shows such integrity but able to combine with story telling: a rare skill!

  4. Adrian Sandeson

    Great film, beautiful actor, hope to see more of him….

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