This was the first time we worked together and I was overall impressed by Bishop’s force: first, for taking the challenge of performing a very intense role. Second, for how he illuminates the set and makes everything more beautiful.

Bishop was Born in London but lives in Berlin, like I do now – another great reason for us to make more films together. In this interview, Bishop explains how he fell into his career, what his strongest interests are and how he thinks sex connects to love, absurdity, and pain.

Who is Bishop Black?

Bishop Black is a searcher of inspiration and general curiosities.

What’s your history with adult arts?

The adult arts! I like that turn of phrase. I have been involved within mainstream and alternative/feminist porn on and off for about 8 or 9 years. More involved in the last 3-5 years.

You co starr The End with Pierre Emö. How was the experience of working with Noel?

It was challenging but also good to work with Noel. There is a very precise way of how he shoots, which can definitely can be seen in his work. I feel he really tries to give each frame it’s worth. A true storyteller.

The trailer of The End immerses the viewer on a real thriller feeling. The whole film mixes eroticism with unexpected concepts such as mourning and endings. Do you fear about your own ending? How often do you think about it?

I think we sometimes fear so much of our own endings that we sometimes don’t have the time to live our present. I think the fear of death is very much ingrained into our society, in various different manifestations and either drive us to be what we feel is our best selves, or religiously control us.

I can obsess over my passing a lot. Like how I will pass on, how it would be physically, as well as losing the identity of me and where that all goes.

Throughout the history of art, humans have been constantly using death as a subject for their work, especially in the arts. How do you see the connection between death and inspiration? Do you think that representing dark feelings creatively can be a way of overcoming our pain or insecurities?

I believe that there is catharsis when we allow ourselves to go into underworlds in a conscious manner. The well of inspiration that can come from dealing with our trauma can be a beautiful source of creation, healing and illumination. It is good to mull over things, to give an emotion what its due and not to rush. And creative expressions gives us the possibility to eliminate what no longer serves us.

Javier, the protagonist of the film, seems to be a very lonely person with not many bounds with the external world or even other people. Have you ever felt like this? What do you consider necessary in order to really connect with someone?

I can relate to Javier’s feelings. Some days can be better than others, and it can be hard to talk about it. To be honest, I’m not really sure what I consider necessary for connection. But I do know that the moment one can feel vulnerable with someone they can trust, that is a good start.

What do you think about mixing pornography with plot genres, like horror or drama?

I think it can work to deepen the overall feel of the film. But it also needs to have a good balance where they compliment each other.

Is there something you like especially within Noel’s filmography?

I like that there is this tenderness involved in his work. It’s hot but it’s connective. I feel the stories presented, exploring things more deepfully.

You have an interesting background in alternative porn, having worked with Jiz Lee, Vex Ashley, Erika Lust… What is important for you to accept performing on a film?

Sometimes I work on a film just because of the company who is making it and their reputation. Other times I need a good concept if there is a concept presented. If a film is just sex, that’s fine and I’ve done those too. But I’m interested in filming style and vision and I’ve been lucky to have had the possibility to work on such films.

Besides performing, in what other ways do you enjoy exploring your sexuality? Is there anything you would recommend?

I feel that self love and self caring has been a good basis for my exploration. I also used to do Shibari bondage with a partner of mine. I really love what it makes me feel to be tied up and restricted, at the whim of your partner. And also sex with my lover.

Watch “The End” here.

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PHOTO BY Andrea Galad