SWEAT by Noel Alejandro

Noel Alejandro’s personal questioning of the boundaries for depicting violence in pornography has brought him to portray male-on-male physical combat on his most recent film, SWEAT. Focused on inserting polemic topics into his erotic film scriptwriting, Noel decided it’s time to ignite the debate on whether or not is possible to mix violence and pornography. Following short films that mix sex and depression, loneliness or even mourning, SWEAT emerges as an uncomfortable story on which the viewer is led to take their own conclusions on whether what he’s watching is real – or just another performance of a regular violent movie scene. When Mullen, a Cinema student working on a research about violence representation in movies, opened the door to let in Christen, a supposed friend of a friend, he believed he was simply helping out a mate who needed a short toilet break. Once the so-called “emergency” visit turns into a forced darkening small talk on which Christen just wouldn’t leave, Mullen senses a strange fear and realizes he needs to escape – however, his efforts seem useless against Christen’s strong physical imposition. Mullen then vividly testifies how his rejection feelings will transform into the sensual redemption of his most feared fetish. Known for pushing the boundaries of gay erotica, Noel Alejandro taps into the conflicting emotions associated with the use of force in pornographic films.

Starring: Jesse Charfi and Parker Marx / Still photos: Andrea Galad

Full movie available on here.