Monday, January 15th, 2018

The End, part of a different approach to gay erotica films


NOEL ALEJANDRO is a Barcelona-Berlin based independent filmmaker and conceptual adult films director whose path is driven by all kinds of art that breaks taboos, and whose work we have featured several times on queerguru.  His latest movie that is being released later this week as usual treads the fine line between art and pornography depending how the viewer defines either category.

In THE END, Alejandro depicts mourning as a poetic composition for his protagonist Javier – an obsessed artist who is grieving after the death of Ivan and who overdoses on additions and feelings until his lattermost move takes him to an emotional purgatory. Javier experiences sorrow as a combination of memories and instinct. Peace would eventually draw the artist away from the lute and release him from his shade, but first, he needs to confront his personal demons and to take one last drop into the lusty pleasures of the flesh.

Alejandro describes it as is a visual trip connecting the most human feelings to sex and desire. “There’s something special on the rift of sensuality and emotions“, he says about the piece – a film bringing a killer cast to a monumental and arousing feelings spectacle over the screen.

Starring: BISHOP BLACK and PIERRE EMO? , In The End was filmed and edited in Berlin.






THE END and all Noel Alejandro’s other movies are available streaming at

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