Monday, June 27th, 2016

Noel Alejandro : Thank You

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NOEL ALEJANDRO wants us to see Sex and Love in a New Light. This young Spanish gay filmmaker who works in both Barcelona and Brussels told queerguru that he is striving to make something new and to create a kind of gay adult cinema that dares to break rules, ask questions and to look at things with fresh eyes.

Since he graduated from Film School in 2008 he has been working alongside Erika Hallqvist AKA ERIKA LUST the very successful Swedish erotic film director as her Head of Post Production. Then in 2013 he wrote and shot his first project and since then his films have included the critically acclaimed ELOI & BIELBAD MEDICINE, Hairy, and ROOMMATES. 

Alejandro is part of new exciting breed of filmmaker/pornographers who relish at the whole notion of combining sex with art.  The narratives of his films explore the beauty and passion of sex, but never shy away from the less sugary aspects of human sexuality. His work is candid, raw, tender, funny and it delights in making the sexual act rather refreshing beautiful  …. and always as hot at hell.



The stills above are from his latest film THANK YOU which was shot in Berlin with two men who are not porn performers, and it is possibly Alejandro’s best to date.  Below is a link to the NSFW trailer.

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All of Alejandro’s films are available for streaming exclusively from HTTP://NOELALEJANDROFILMS.COM/FILMS/

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