Good news from Berlin! Call Me a Ghost, my newest film to be released on Friday, Feb 17th, was premiered last Saturday on an exclusive private screening at the Soho House Berlin.

Call Me a Ghost was selected to be a part of a special night celebrating sex positive cinema. I couldn’t go, but Pierre and Valentin (starring in the film) were there for the presentations. What an honor to know that the screening was a hit!

Also in the program was a very interesting documentary about the collective Pornceptual, as well as two other short films by sex positive directors Jan Soldat and Yann Gonzalez. It’s amazing and gratifying to witness the rise of new perspectives for the production (and the consumption!) of erotic adult cinema.

Thank you @Pornceptual and @SohoHouseBerlin for the invitation!

Call Me a Ghost is already available for pre-order 🙂